About Dan The Mentor…

DanTheMentor.com is presently and solely operated by Dan Owens, located in Dallas, Texas.  My mission is to one day recruit and create a network of future mentors with diverse backgrounds from all walks of life, to connect and assist clients within all aspects of their personal life.

Constantly, have I searched and couldn’t find an online mentor to assist me with tough life impediments, such as buying a home, or what is an attorney’s “retainer”, or where do I file taxes, etc.… I took it upon myself to read, research, travel, and discuss many topics I couldn’t find the answer to. Thus, I have gained so much internal knowledge on a vast number of topics from research and simply from the school of hard knocks.

But this online platform is not about me at all. My primary focus and loyalty lies with you; whether you are a client, reader, or simply a subscriber to my YouTube page. I want to help and serve as many people as I can, because life itself is difficult and it doesn’t help when you run into so many “professional” people who don’t want to assist or charge $500/hour for a service that doesn’t even benefit you. That is not to say, that all professionals are incompetent, but rather here at DanTheMentor, I am here to help; not magnify the situation with high cost and fancy words. I break everything down to a simplistic level so that everyone walks away with greater understanding of the topic of which they are inquiring.